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A small, close-knit digital agency in the heart of Leicester,
with an agile design and development team built to deliver.

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About us

Industrious Mouse is an integrated creative agency, with expertise in digital, technical development and user experience (UX).
Established in 2010, by Christian and his partner Lucy, our agile team build on a handful of experience and knowledge from previous agencies, to create simple, intuitive platforms for a range of industries.
We pride ourselves in staying current, and up-to-date with the latest trends and development technologies, ensuring you receive an innovative, streamlined platform.

Open-source Technologies

Open-source Technologies

Harnessing the power of open-source technologies, is one of the things we’re passionate about at Industrious Mouse.

Ever found yourself tied to a particular web provider, because you’re utilising their in-house CMS or Platform? We fully understand that some projects do in-fact require a lot of bespoke coding, but starting from an open-source baseplate is almost certainly the way forward.
Throughout our years working in the industry, as well as working alongside other agencies, we’ve found that a lot of agencies have platforms dating back years, which have been adapted and hacked to fit a range of different site requirements. You end up with a horrible codebase which is impossible to maintain.

We use open-source technologies because they’re easily maintainable, upgradeable and well-documented. Future requirements and features can be catered for with ease in a modular pragmatic way, rather than delving through lines of code, finding where we’ll need to add a ‘hack’.

Responsive design


There’s an ever-growing reliance on technology, and in-particular, mobile phones and tablets. This means, that more and more people will be accessing your website on-the-go.

People are lazy busy. We don’t like to pinch and zoom, or continuously scroll to find the content we’re looking for, we want easily accessible content.
Have you ever considered how many visitors you may be turning away?
Get in touch today and we’ll give you a free consultation with some simple steps we can put in place to convert your site visitors into sales.